NCREAA is a registered non-profit organization.
Our board members serve as volunteers. We currently have 6 NCREAA Chapters throughout the state of North Carolina.

Asheville Chapter  -  Cape Fear Chapter  -  Charlotte Chapter  -  Crystal Coast Chapter  -  Triad Chapter  -   Triangle Chapter

All of our chapters have regular scheduled meetings in order to keep our membership updated on the latest efforts of NCREAA
and in order to gain valuable input from our members.
We hope to add new chapters as we grow to make it easier for members to attend local meetings
and to become more involved in our joint efforts.

~~ It only takes 10 members to form a new chapter. ~~

Each chapter must elect at least a president and vice president. Additional officers may be added if the chapter elects to do so.
(example; secretary, treasurer) The president of each chapter serves on the NCREAA Board of Directors representing their local chapter.
The vice president serves as chapter representative on the membership committee.

Because all NCREAA representatives are volunteers, 100% of your dues and donations are used to advocate for appraisers in North Carolina.



NCREAA Approved Articles of Incorporation


*Please note that both your dues and any contributions/donations are considered a business expense.
 They are not qualified to be charitable donations.